Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Museveni's Expose

This address to Acholi elders/leaders is the greatest insult to Acholi and Uganda as a whole. No Head of state worth the title would have acted and spoken as Museveni did like that.
Museveni has been using divide and rule since he usurped power through the barrel of the gun up to now. Divide and rule is not a British phenomenon. The fact that there were many Acholi in the army reflected the exploitation of the tribe by the British at that time. This was made easy by the fact that the Acholi were well settled and well organized to defend their land. They had very strict rules that governed the going to war. Acholi would not start a war merely to show their strength. But there are principles worth dying for and for those principles, Acholi would go to war as a last resort. Fairness was an important aspect of considering war. As a result many of its neighbors lived in peace with it. The British came using various tactics to conscript Acholi into a standing army of the British Protectorate. They interrupted the economic life of the Acholi and replaced it with military culture. The only means of sustaining livelihood under the British for Acholi was to be conscripted into the army. Those who were conscripted were released with benefits that encouraged others to join the army. It had nothing to do with being "a martial people" as Museveni is now peddling.
What kind of crap is Museveni talking here?
"Those lies and distortions went to the heads of whatever leadership was available at that time which, in turn, amplified and spread them to the rest of the population."
Can you see where Museveni is leading to? He is basically saying that since the Acholis were thought of as "martial race," whatever he means, he Museveni is the one to prove the British wrong.
But why did he have to do this? Because the so call 10-Point Program that Museveni used to wage war against the elected government of Dr. Obote would not stand the rigorous scrutiny from the Acholi. They would be the first people to confront Museveni with any anomalies in the 10-Point Program. But as a tribe the Acholi had become disillusioned by Uganda politics and they sought to leave that behind to those that so wished to follow. Furthermore, at no period in the checkered Uganda history have the Acholi seen peace under any of the government in power in Uganda. Under the first UPC government, Brigadier Pyerino Okoya and his wife were murdered in cold blood. Then with Amin's coup, more Acholi soldiers were killed. Amin was overthrown and still more Acholi soldiers were being killed under dubious circumstances. Many were being taken home in coffins during the Luwero Triangle war of Museveni. So, at last they decided to leave Kampala to return to their homes in Acholi district when Museveni dishonored the Nairobi Peace Talk Agreement. General Tito Lutwa did his part to bring Ugandans to the table to discus their grievances and bring peace to the nation, but Museveni would have none of that.
Our real issue as Ugandans is the relevance of the Constitution vis-a-vis the tribal and sectarian attitudes towards each other.
The three dimension force or army that Museveni is talking about is not for national unity. This army is Museveni’s army that he has forced upon the people of Uganda to allow him to talk that kind of thrash. This army is to protect Museveni and his cohorts, to allow them do whatever they want in Uganda. It is therefore tragicomic to call it a force for democracy.
Bad politics The undoing of Uganda right from the days of colonialism was the problem of bad politics. Bad politics means politics that is devoid of principles that are designed to uplift the people of Uganda out of their backwardness
The only thing I can say loudly is that Museveni has failed Uganda and has thrust us back into dark ages. So, it is not longer possible for Museveni to command the respect of even the most foolish Uganda. We have waited to see the reasons why Museveni went to the bush to topple the elected government. All we see is conditions getting worse for all people except his cronies from the bush. All army command positions are given to his closest tribesmen; in fact, to his clansmen only! The powerful post and ministries are all in Museveni√É‚’s cronies hand. Uganda is more divided than at any other time in history. Museveni has used up his time and he should now leave Uganda alone!