Monday, February 28, 2005

Arrest of Alice Lakwena's Father

The Uganda military have arrested Severino Lukoya, a pastor of a little known church. The offence is that the church does not have a license. Apparently, there is no authority dealing with licensing of organizations like churches in Gulu. If the licensing authority sits in Kampala, then there is no reason to expect Severino Lukoya to need a license to operate his church in Gulu. At this time we do not know wether this church needs a license, who gives the license and also do not know wether Severino has applied for a license , the application is pending or the application has been denied.
Severino Lukoya is the father of Alice Lakwena who led the Holy spirit force against Yoweri Museveni's miltary government in the late eighties (1986-1988).
Even though the church does not have a license why did the game rangers arrest the church's pastors and handed them to the army instead of the civilian authorities? Is it the army's job to regulate associations and religious groups? Why would a Deputy Director for Mobilisation in the Movement Secretariat carry orders from State house to Severino Lukoya about closing his church? How is the local government being run in Acholi these days?
It is clear that the north part of Uganda is being governed as personal fiefdom of NRM big shots. Museveni has given Acholiland as a gift to his cronies. This is why there is no civil authority and the war in the north will not end as long as the military commanders have their say in the matter. Ending the war is the same as ending their lucrative business which bring in money in the name of defense or operation budget.
People like Severino Lukoya are a threat to the military chaos created by the NRM for the purpose of looting both the regional and central government coffers.
To ensure normal operation of local government authority, the army should be moved to the border of Sudan and Uganda where they can keep an eye on Kony's movement. Otherswise, Ugandan should know clearly that the NRM has instituted a system of looting one area of Uganda at a time.
One would think that the RDC would be working for progress and facilitate the infrastructure of the community but here we have obstructionists instead.
All is not well under NRM government of Museveni because it has introduced croniysim and absolute corruption and a zero production administration.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Waiting for a Showdown

Museveni will not pardon Kony nor will he bring peace to Acholi. As a matter of fact, Museveni has, and is still preparing his son to take over after he "leaves" the throne.


His son is the commander of the presidential brigade. Can anyone think of one good reason why there should be a presidential brigade while there is also a regular army?

All dictators have no plans for succession and trust no one except those close to or in his immediate family.

There is constant tampering with the constitution in the hope of bulldozing their own wishes into the constitution. Two terms then three terms then whatever they want goes under that category.

Eyedema's example is a precedent that Museveni is going to emulate or copy, unless the AU acts decisively to discourage Togo' Eyedema from usurping power.