Thursday, February 24, 2005

Waiting for a Showdown

Museveni will not pardon Kony nor will he bring peace to Acholi. As a matter of fact, Museveni has, and is still preparing his son to take over after he "leaves" the throne.


His son is the commander of the presidential brigade. Can anyone think of one good reason why there should be a presidential brigade while there is also a regular army?

All dictators have no plans for succession and trust no one except those close to or in his immediate family.

There is constant tampering with the constitution in the hope of bulldozing their own wishes into the constitution. Two terms then three terms then whatever they want goes under that category.

Eyedema's example is a precedent that Museveni is going to emulate or copy, unless the AU acts decisively to discourage Togo' Eyedema from usurping power.

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