Saturday, November 05, 2005

What Do All These Mean?

Many things are happening in Uganda that would cause one to fear for the country.

From the Monitor newspaper of January 20, 2006
Emmanuel Gyezaho, Evelyn Lirri & Francis Mugerwa

A SPEEDING army truck yesterday dispersed a crowd that had gathered to listen to Uganda Peoples Congress presidential candidate Miria Obote at Kasambira Gombolola headquarters in Mubende district.

The army truck Reg. No. DO 1DF004 first sped past the rally venue, stopped abruptly after 100 metres, made a U-turn and sped back sending the crowd scampering for safety.

MAKERERE The National Resistance Movement Secretary General, Mr Amama Mbabazi, has said the ruling Movement still has the capacity to go to the bush to defend the country from dictatorial regimes.He was speaking at the launch of the National Youth Conference at Makerere University on Saturday. Mbabazi told students leaders from various institutions that though it is their role to ensure continuity of peace and prosperity ushered by the Movement government, “the elders will not fold their hands if the youth decide otherwise”.“I may look old but if it is necessary to go back to the bush to save Ugandans from suffering, I can still join that struggle since I was part of the team that changed poor leadership in Uganda,” he said. “

On the military side: Muhoozi Kainerugaba, who heads a regiment of the Presidential Guard Brigade is Museveni's own son. This is the closest to a private army Museveni has ventured. Then comes General Aronda Nyakairima, a close supporter of Museveni, who has been made Chief of Defense Forces, replacing General Kazini. Aronda will do Musevni's bidings. Major General Kayihura who was Museveni’s aide and a military commissar in the UPDF replaced the Inspector General of Police, General Wamala. Museveni never liked the police and never trusted the police because of their penchant for evidence or releasing "suspects" {criminals in NRM/Museveni lingo) for lack of it. Now the police can arrest you on trumped up charges. And if they can't, the army will sure get you!

All these people mentioned will have no jobs when a new party forms the government. All of them have a lot of questions to answer to Ugandans ranging from the way soldiers were deployed in Congo to looting of mineral from that country. Now, if they can conceal, they will do so. If they can steal, they will and if they are willing to go back to the bush then why even bother leaving the power in their hand? Museveni has laid out a carefully crafted plan to retain power under various possible circumstances, with or without winning the election. For each scenario, Museveni has the winning numbers.


Jay said...

A prominent soldier, Colonel Dick Bugingo assaulted an opposition member in full view of the media and he got off with a warning.

jennifer said...

quite right. seems that the UPDF is running a policy of impunity.
very interesting post.