Monday, January 28, 2008

Another Deadline for LRA - Military Option Once Again

Museveni has been forced to accept a negotiated settlement to northern Uganda war because the cost has become very high to the people who finance his expedition in the north. He has been working tirelessly to make sure that a meaningful settlement is not reached. But the real reason is very difficult to see unless one looks more closely at the interest and actions of his lieutenants in the north.
Salim Saleh, Museveni half brother attempted to buy land in Acholi but was repulsed and has not been able to find a better way to acquire that land. Next Museveni has tried to come in through Madhvani sugar works but he is facing stiff opposition. He is attempting to go through the paramount chief of Acholi but the members of parliament are in the way.
Above all, Museven's land grabbing plans has included Baganda land where he is meeting stiff resistance and now the Baganda are in similar danger as the Acholi's and therefore are bound to come together threatening Museveni's reign.
So, what can Museveni do? He can use the army and acquire the land by force. There is only one obstacle - Kony and his LRA. So, before he puts any of his plans into action, Kony and the LRA must first be liquidated. That is why he is trying to convince Congo, Rwanda, Burundi and MONUC to help him fight Kony. Once he torpedoes the Juba peace talks, he can then do as he pleases with the few seasoned military men under LRA. Once the people have no land, then they will become beggars whom Museveni can use to perpetrate his reign far into the future.
Museveni is seeking to control all the arable lands in Uganda and give it to his cronies thereby impoverishing the people. This will pave the way for his dynasty in Uganda. To Museveni, the problem and death in Kenya could not have come at a better time! We the people have accepted Museveni's rule til death do us part.

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