Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Kenya Electoral Commission Spoke the Truth

When the Chairman of the ECK said he was pressured by the PNU and ODM-K to announce the result of the election, many people did not believe him. Kibaki as the leader of PNU became the president while Kalonzo Musyoka, the leader of ODM-K became the vice president. This has removed all doubts that that election was rigged. Mr Kivuitu also stated that he saw return from one polling station having a different figure than the one signed at the polling station.
The people of Kenya have been living under various oppressive regimes. This began to change when a coming together of several parties under the rainbow coalition was able to wrest power from Daniel Arap Moi. The first try was defeated because the opposition was so much splintered that they could not obtain a majority against Moi's political machinery. The second time they succeeded when Raila Odinga crafted a cryptic message , "Kibaki Tosha," to unify the opposition.
The NARC coalition broke down when Kibaki did not honor the memorandum of understanding that brought the different parties together. The biggest complaint was that Kibaki had surrounded himself with corrupt people who prevented any meaningful change from occurring. Kenya never got the new constitution as promised. So, when Kibaki announced that election was to take place at the end of 2007, the old coalition, NARC disintegrated and Kibaki was left basically without a party. This is when the opportunists surrounding him seized the time to craft a new political party to enable Kibaki stay in power. They came up with PNU (Party of National Unity). By then the damage was already done. Almost every major party had joined the ODM thereby giving it a national character. Also, there was so much wrangle in the creation and running of the PNU that the only thing that kept it together was not a political idea but protection of vested interest that was being threatened by ascent of ODM to power. It was at this time that Uhuru Kenyatta was frightened out of ODM giving PNU a Gatundu stripe.
The majority of Kenyans are yearning for a change and an improvement in their lives. They pinned their hope on voting out the Kibaki government as was witnessed by the number of minister losing their seats in parliament. During the tallying of the ballots, Raila Odinga was way ahead of Kibaki when things suddenly changed! Results coming into the KICC indicated a higher figures favoring Kibaki on arrival at the center and signatures of party representatives from the polling stations were also missing. Then late on Sunday December 30, 2007 around 5 p.m., the chairman of the ECK went to the state house and announced the result giving victory to Kibaki. Hastily, within one hour and without any member of the diplomatic corps present, Kibaki was sworn in as the president for the second time.
So, when riots broke out, it was because people had lost all hope of a peaceful change and felt betrayed and cheated openly by the people now in government.
To say that the opposition or anybody for that matter, planned the violence is tantamount to ignoring the history of Kenya since independence. Claims of ethnic cleansing or tribal wars are statement from correspondents and people who don't care about the dynamics of the Kenya society. They are too lazy to research the cause of this great misery in a once peaceful nation where every neighboring country sought refuge. In the given situation, if the violence had preceded election it would have been appropriate to call it ethnic or tribal war. But in this case many areas of the country has not received proportional development fund. Corruption is eating up the highest echelon of power and change through the ballot box has been rigged out. Can you also call this ethnic cleansing?
Given that there is a direct correlation between speeches endorsing the election result and violence, would it be better to recruit 30,000 new police or desist from making provocative statements endorsing injustice and unfairness? If one cannot be fare and just in this instance where he is caught red-handed, how can one expect him to be when he can perform his activities out of the public eyes?

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