Thursday, April 15, 2010

Militarism In Uganda Since 1980

The use of force goes hand in hand with telling lies by the force users. In the early days of the NRA/M their basic political tenets have always been rebels and more rebels. In order to forestall any political opposition, Museveni and his NRA have labeled those who oppose them as rebels of one kind or another. The rule of law means those laws promulgated by NRA for the benefit of the NRA. Specifically it means using force to get rid of political or any types of opponents to the NRA. It means staging state-managed accidents, false evidences and corruption of the system to achieve NRA's aims. There are so many players in the NRA games that you cannot predict what is going to happen. They are a law unto themselves.
When Museveni ordered the FM station in Lango District to apologize, he was not merely addressing the management of the the Station. He was specifically ordering the whole NRM/A system out to attack Otunnu and any other credible oppositions. The reasoning here is not different from Amin's when he attacked Archbishop Luwum praying, "Let there be no bloodshed in the country..." The Archbishop was arrested that since he is praying that let there be no bloodshed, it means he knows about a plot to overthrow the government. So, serving Otunnu with a summon as reported by Daily Monitor "The police are investigating Mr Otunnu over claims he allegedly made that President Museveni funded rebel leader Joseph Kony," falls into Amin's attack of the Archbishop. The Daily Monitor continued: "Mr Otunnu yesterday said his utterances were not criminal. “It’s not a crime to say that State House provided him (Joseph Kony) with satellite phones, airtime and sacks of money. I have lots and lots of evidence but let them dare.”"
Museveni is the greatest spreader of lies and fear in Uganda and he is above the law also. To say that all truth resides with him, Museveni, is a disservice to rule of law. Those statements made by the UPC president, sends the right message to all leaders that they are the servants of the people and will be held accountable.
Ugandan must watch very closely what is going on from the following directions: The police, the army, the presidential brigade, the intelligence services and NRA/M Youth. Watch their actions and you will see that there is no law but Museveni, in Uganda. The struggle for a sane Uganda leader is on. The people shall prevail!

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