Monday, April 26, 2010

Who Is State House

NRA did some of the most unspeakable things in northern Uganda. In their drive for complete domination, once and for all, over the people of northern Uganda, the NRA soldiers cordoned families and had their soldiers sodomize the men in front of their families, burnt their granaries and looted their cows in a show of power. These actions traumatized the people so much that Museveni is unaware of the pain people feel when they see him. Instead of him apologizing, he is asking the radio stations and people of northern Uganda to apologize. By threatening them with next step, "President Museveni’s Press Secretary Tamale Mirundi yesterday told journalists at the Uganda Media Centre that the radios have to apologise or face punitive action," he is reminding the people of northern Uganda that ' have you forgotten "agungung?"'
We the people of Uganda want to know today, is state house government of Uganda or is it NRA base? There is a problem with NRA/M operatives. Either they do not know what an elected government is supposed to be or they do not respect the people of Uganda. Even if the government has been popularly elected, it must rule according to the law. I know there is a strong temptation to think, we beat them at war, we beat them in election, therefore we are "it"mentality.
The day NRA/M understand the reasons why they 'went to the bush' and then realize that they are just ordinary Ugandans doing something for a specific good of the country, we shall have free and fair election.
Museveni should stop using his agents to disturb and destroy the peace that should prevail in northern Uganda. After seeing service under the British colonialists, many of the former KAR, UA, UNLA, NRA army personnel are tired of pseudo-military-politics that brings no development to the people or relief to the military people. Believe me , I know of no one who would join the army in order to go and fight a tribe or people in Uganda. When Gen. Tito agreed to sit down and talk, it was not because of NRA or Museveni, it was because the people of Uganda are so difficult to rule that he wanted to witness them coming together at one table as brothers and sisters and state their grievances. When the effort collapsed, did you see Gen. Tito attempt to go to the bush to take over the government? No. The Kony phenomena is an irrational reaction to NRA/M irrational 'agugung' tactics. No matter how much you claim the high ground you cannot bypass the peoples traumatic experience of NRA/M army. I see it fit for state house to apologize for these atrocities rather than asking ordinary radio stations in the north to apologize.
Eh!eh! pulekelu! State house is attacking radio stations in northern Uganda again with a different aim. You can take a man out of the bush but you can not take the bush out of the man. NRA/M people are very educated and intelligent, but they cannot function well out of the bush. And there is Uganda's problem.

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