Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The Defector

The announcement that some UPC chief members have defected to NRM is sad news for the country as a whole and UPC in particular. No one likes to lose any of its members but it is inevitable that members are lost from time to time. Loss of a member can generate change in the organization concerned which may be good or bad.
At this juncture in UPC, the party needs very active people to campaign vigorously at the grassroots to put the party's manifesto into the minds of the people. Can Hajj Badru Wegulo do this at his age? Apparently, the answer is "No." So, this is not a big deal. UPC is a party of ideas, a party of the people. In that case, it is better for it to concentrate on creating a viable followings and active participants in promoting its message to the people.
The people who have defected have no fight left in them to bring about change. They are either afraid or unenthusiastic about change and therefore did the right thing to leave place for those more committed to bring change in Uganda. If Museveni has been in power for the last 24 years and brought about only misery to the people, how can he change today? He has never experienced the hardship people go through. If he believes that the people suffering is because they are in other parties other than NRM how can that affect a change in the whole country? Why did Museveni go to Nambole Stadium in full military garb after 24 years in power? Who is he fighting? With Museveni, the mentality of entitlement will not cease. Vote him out of office so somebody more progressive can bring development to the country. Get rid of the parasites from government.

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