Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Hard To Change One's True Color

From its inception, the NRM has always sought to win the hearts of the masses while at the same time seeking to close the eyes of the people to total and meaningful freedom. It has been doing exactly what it accused former regimes of doing. In fact it has exceeded the previous regimes in all areas doing bad things to Ugandans. Its main aim was the comfort of its core leaders. Like the pigs in "Animal Farm" they have sought and reserved the best of the country for themselves.
Since they looted the Uganda Commercial Bank in Kasese, they have never found a more lucrative lifestyle than living on the sweat of the people while they threatened any uprising with "you don't want the northerners back" type of cries. If there was one thing the animals were united on, it was that they did not want Mr. Jones back. And so the NRM eluded detection for a long time.
How can Museveni and his henchmen equate peace in the south and west part of Uganda with misery and displacement of northern and eastern Uganda population? Museveni and his henchmen in the army are well aware of the possible consequences of their barbaric rule but they couldn't care less! Ugandans will have to sort the mess for themselves.
The drive for so call third term is a drive for more time to attempt to eliminate evidences of corruptions and outright theft and looting of the national coffer. Ugandans must unite to bring and maintain sanity in the country and rehabilitate the areas and people trampled over by the nefarious NRM.

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