Sunday, March 27, 2005

Prelude to Disintegration

Everything that is happening in Uganda indicates that the corrupt regime of Museveni is gaining momentum for final disintegration. There is going to be no guns fired. This is simply the peoples power at work. There will be some unscrupulous people who will attempt to hijack it but they will be crushed because the people have had enough suffering in the hands of various opportunists. So, if you are an opportunist, my advice to you at this time is to wait on the side until sanity has returned.

The Museveni empire/rule was built on chaos and misguided tribal sentiments and a horde of dissonant ideas:

  • That the north versus south was the issue
  • War in Acholi was keeping peace in Buganda and so on.
  • That Acholis and Lugbaras were banyanyas and biological substances
  • That only the NRA/NRM/Museveni could assure Ugandans of peace

It was divide and rule pure and simple.
The constitution was manipulated and doctored to suit the NRM but even then, it was pure brute force that kept Museveni in power all these years. And Ugandans, in their ways, have been tolerant of Museveni for various reasons, one of which is that they simply wish to get on with their lives. This is always mistaken for support for the existing regime.
Museveni missed many chances of becoming a truly great Ugandan leader in spite of the utter use of the military for his political purposes. People begged him and showed him the way, but he refused.
That many of the Museveni supporters in the army were from the west does not detract from the fact that those very same people are independent nationally oriented individuals who for one reason or another followed or joined the NRM. However, the sycophants like Bantariza wake up make their usual cry of LRA in the morning, herd people in the north to the concentration camp withouth means for survival, and call that a development program. A day's worth of work has been done. They then get rewarded by adoring soldiers who have no idea these leeches are the bane of Uganda and the reason why he is carrying a gun against his fellow countrymen.
The Bugandans have agitated for various forms of special treatment, but their messages never get through clearly. Opportunists jump in and confuse the issues that should be looked at, and in the end the central government is able to garner more support to the detriment of Ugandans and Bagandans in particular. Now we are moving towards that conditions in which a regime is suddenly going to be forced out of power and very soon, too. This should be the time for sanity and respect for all sections and communities in Uganda. We need no army to ensure peace in Uganda if the people are to remain supreme. We do need police power for civil purposes so that other political activities can be undertaken to establish the framework of Uganda government.
Museveni and his cronies are not going to take this lying down. As a matter of fact they are going to inject as much confusion as they can in the opposition parties. Messages of discord will be propagated. I dare say that the speech by Gilbert Bukenya telling Catholics that they will be the next president is very much in line with a Museveni tactic. It serve no useful purpose in ridding Uganda of NRM hegemony and can very well weaken any political party aligned with Catholics. Do you see where things are going?
I hope that the people of Uganda will not choose this path of divisionism but instead embark on creating a framework for a robust participatory and lawful administration.

Thanks be to God

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